Journey to the Center of. . . L.A.!

 One of my most favorite places in the wide world is downtown Los Angeles. I don't mind the traffic or pollution, probably because I reside in the one-color (tan) schemed desert. Even our buildings here are tan-colored! >:|

Pshaw, refrain from the criticism, people! I'm totally aware that my garage is a tad bit disorganized.

Yea, I'm so cool! Well, minus the "c" and the "ool," but--Hey, lookey here! Is that my  hair you see springy?!

Indeed it is.

Anyway, on our way to getting visas, we ran in to two receptionists. They reminded me of my algebra/ geometry teacher, who was so motionless and monotonous, at least it seemed like that to me in the seventh grade.

Mother insisted that Asians are highly confusing, intentionally of course, and speak in circumlocution. I then said that she's Asian, too. And she went like, "Oh."

Oh, and new polish! So sleek, so jazzy!

Shirt: J. Crew, Shorts: American Eagle, Shoes: $1 from Kohl's clearance!, Sunnies: Lauren Conrad, Polish: Milani.

Make tomorrow snappy.