Time is sprinting through my fingers

For these past few days, I've been feeling extremely ill. To make it a double dose of terribleness, my AP Euro History test is this Friday, and I haven't been able to imbibe much of what I'm studying. So here's just a quick recap of my weekend, my current favorite Tumblr inspirations, and what I'm looking forward to.

Every year around this time, I get quite giddy over the fanciful possibilities of what the society people are going to wear to the Met Gala, which was today! Oooh, it's too chimerical!! Plus, it just reminds me of my favorite show, Gossip Girl. Did anyone watch tonight? Goodness, it's so scaaandalousss, but I'm on Blair's side. I envy her taste in like everything.

Oddly enough, I'm feeling like wearing the 90s on my back and finding blazers of rich, floral brocade material.

Currently begging my ma to take me to New York this summer just to experience the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Obsessed with his craftsmanship and imagination!

It's high time all of you know of my obssession with everything Karl Lagerfeld. I mean, if I were wealthy and pretty enough, I'd wear his labels everyday.

Vogue Daily — Queen Elizabeth II

If you don't know about the royal wedding, you've probably been obscured beneath a rock.
Aside from Katherine's two dresses, which were both so brilliantly made and worn, my favorite outfit was the Queen's. She looks so adorable, and reminds me of my own grandmother.
I watched the whole wedding, by the way. Breathtaking.

Parties — The Costume Institute Gala

Love her! She can pull off the hippest menswear with it looking feminine. Looking forward to the end of this AP test, so that I may be able to pore over the extravagant photos of the Met Gala on Vogue.com. I believe I saw a photo of Karl with Blake Lively. Omg.

From: Vogue, bruixes, misscheriedior, and vogueweekend on Tumblr; Vogue.com.