Bowties and Purple

Stomping around in my new vintage sandals, feeling like Ava Gardner. Fifty cents, say waat?!
Yeah. I'm the Queen of Bargaineering.

Bought a new lipstick, in a deep purple-mauvish shade. Absolutley in love!
Made this particular bowtie for a lovely friend's lovely birthday gift. It turns out that my need for bowties proved to be overwhelming, and in turn, I'm designing a line of hand-made bowties of all sorts of fancies under the name The Planetarium.
I'm listing them in my Etsy shop soon, but "soon" most likely means in a month, so if you enjoy my craftsmanship, and are craving eccentric bowties in custom shades and adjustable sizes, email me! I'm selling them for a snappy price of $10. Shipping depends. Beats the $20 price tag of American Apparel, deosn't it?
Wearing vintage sandals and shirt, DIY shorts, & custom The Planetarium bowtie.
Excuse my weird pose.