1. What is happening on saturday, you may ask? Barney's NY biannual warehouse sale. SALE SALE SALE. I might just die if there's nothing left. Darn schooling, no? Plus, I'm not liking how very few people here know what Barney's is.
Like, "Oh, I got these shoes from Barney's."

"oh, har har har! you got 'em from Barney the great purple dinosaur?!"

I love dinos, but Barney's just a creep. And unnatural. O.o

2. Recently---and I mean yesterday--- found this website to my liking. It's quite delectable, and I wanna just eat all those hip Japanese street stylers and their cotton candy hair. http://www.style-arena.jp/

3. It's my birthday, and I'll cry if want to, cry if I want to, oooh ooh oooh *I'm stipulating that it's sung in a British tone* If you saw me wearing a shirt claiming this day of whatever, I'm not vain to make it myself! My lovely best friends did, with mucho taste.

In the meantime, persuading Mother that we must move back to downtown L.A. will not be easy. But I do need trees and tagged buildings!