flower power

made these crowns for my friends's birthday tomorrow. each of us has her own designated floral crown and thus flower power. what i did for this simple DIY was buy florists' green wire, butterflies, ribbons, and a whole bunch of fake flowers. i usually go to any store that sells fake flowers and pick up remnants and loose flowers on the floor--these are usually free or a couple cents for a bag full! but be sure to ask first!
i twisted one long segment of florist wire, manipulated it into to medium loops, one on top of each other, and used pliers to make the ends twist out. then i just hot glued large flowers and leaves in an arrangement, with butterflies floating around. i finished it off with ribbons, looping them around to create a romantic effect. on the birthday girls', i used a handfl of long purple twigs and looped it around to disguise the green first. try your own version and have fun!