i can be serious, too

wearing Jeffrey Campbell Litas, vintage bag, thrifted dickey and vest, gifted fish necklace, an handmade bow-tie & shorts
 i drew my inspiration from three things:
~diane keaton as annie hall, a role and a style i shall never forget
~menswear suiting, which is growing on me every time i see it on the runway
~fashion's night out. i wish i could partake in the festivities, but instead i created a look that i thought would be worn by someone a lot more chic than i am, based on fno's colors.
inspiration can well, inspire you. but more, it has the power to change your outlook and the lens you use daily.
it pulls you out of a rut, of which i am in!
what are your major inspirations recently?

 i took a pair of skinny jeans i'd grown out of, cut it, scalloped it, and bleached it.
tips: before you scallop, turn inside out & mark it up with tailor's chalk or the like where you wish to shorten it to. i drew a grid-like pattern to satisfy my ocd, with careful measurings and proportions. i think i had 4 1/2 arcs per one side. use a round item if you aren't comfortable drawing arcs freehand.
i sort of hemmed it, to prevent ultimate fraying, with a sloppy embroidery stitch on my sewing machine. i chose a dark thread color.
after all that, i bleached it using a dip-dye technique. fill up a shallow sink 3/4 of the way with 2 parts water, 1 part clorox bleach. i soaked it for 15 minutes (it'll be light-yellowish white, just take it out!) leaving 3 inches exposed. bleach runs! i left it in a clean bucket for 5 minutes, then soaked it in 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar for 3 minutes. machine washed it, and i prefered to let it dry in the sun to get rid of the heavy fumes and chemicals.
bow-ties are easy peasy. ;]