back in black's too generic.

wearing h&m shorts and t-shirt, bakers boots, and vintage bag and necklace
great news, guys, i'm back! i don't want to stray too far again. i was completely on the verge of deleting my online presence--all of it, including my blog. so glad i held out; today i feel a renewed vigor. in all this jumbled mess, my aesthetics somehow managed to alter itself again. i'm edging towards darker pieces still, but with more basics, less prints, and stronger lines. i never thought i'd be down with minimalism, but i feel like that's where i'm headed: a blend of minimalistic shapes and colors and city edge. i still haven't gotten there yet, but i'm confident i shan't be lost.
p.s.: i'm going to be a stalk of brocolli for halloween. wish me luck as i attempt to make it!