the grudge

When I was a mere seven-year-old inkling, I was prompted by others to watch Ju On, the original Japanese production of The Grudge, along with Ringu and a whole stack of dread. As you can deduce, I've grown up marred and scarred by horror. I've seen with my own eyes, when I was fully awake, a little boy not unlike that in The Grudge come pull on my comforter at 1:00 AM. That was two years ago when my mother was in the hospital. Throughout my life, I have been a full patron of the dark side, of spirits and monsters, and a good number of spirits and dark shapes have come to visit me and to tell me something, although they try to suffocate me always.
But enough with the horrid memories and my long life story, here's how I put my costume together.
I wore this last night to scare people at a local haunted house. First, I constructed a rough version of a shroud like the one that woman wears in the movie. This can be done without a pattern or much care, since you're going for a raw effect. Second, I sprayed the garment with water to make it damp, put on gloves, and drizzled and spread and hand-printed faux blood over the bottom hem, sleeves, and neckline. (For the ultimate "I just murdered little girls" effect.) Scrunch the bloodied areas and let dry. Third, I made up my face full of bruises and threw my hair in front. Arrange yourself to look like you're twitching and screaming silently, and groan. Voila!
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