red hair.

wearing jeffrey campbell litas, vintage jumper, forever 21 velvet leggings, & gryson for target bag
i've had just about enough of this. whoever is the family who just moved in across the street from me, i am out to get you. from seven to about nine this morning, there was incessant loud buzzings from the cement truck that you guys are using to do whatever kind of home beautification you guys think you have to do. i'm just letting you know that it shook my poor room, with no insulation, most violently, crookening my frames and arts and such. please don't let it happen again. i awoke with a start with an, 'ow! my back!"
some brighter news: i changed my hair from brown to red. i don't know what prompted me, but i'm doing this. stage one completed; in six weeks or so it will hopefully be a light auburn/orange.

and now the other neighbor is "playing" the drums. really badly. curse you, neighbors of my street!

oh, almost forgot--for all hallow's eve, i'll be taking on the persona of a 90's schoolgirl who gets abused, just like in the cool movies! now, a break from my ramblings, my wish list from rue la la.