chandelier//woven t-shirt

origami chandelier: quick way to showcase your cute work while vamping your room
 woven t-shirt: take any shirt. cut a tall line up the middle of the back. then cut seven strips on each side, making for an upside-down "v". cut out excess on each far side, under sleeves.
 weave! take the two middle-most strips, cross right over left, and repeat with each set. pretty soon it'll look like a giant apple pie lattice. pin down.
 cut off the bottom hem of the front at a very slight curve.
then hand sew or use a machine to sew a "v" line where the pins are and sew the lattice securely to the side of the shirt. hem if desired. i coudn't get to sewing last night, but i'll put up the finished product tomorrow!
happy crafting! this is an easy thing to remake a gift from christmas that you might not like.

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