el pato festivo // you could say this were a haul

 secondhand christmas sweater, forever 21 skirt, old navy scarf, deena & ozzy wedges
winter break has commenced, so i decided i couldn't wait any longer to do what i love--blogging. i wore this festive look to school today, complete with bobbing santa ducks, reindeer peppermint socks and all. i'd love it if you guys let me know what your holiday looks are! ;p wow, my neighbors are so kind; they dropped off delightful cookies just now. remind me to stock up on flour and peppermint tomorrow, yes? i know this is quite a lengthy post, so i shan't bother you with more anecdotes...even if i do have a funny story from the other day. oh well, next time!

some things i ordered just arrived. they were having a sale, so i though, why not purchase things secretly? bought two more bracelets and the first cross ring in the many more to come. i became attentive towards this ring after i saw it on shea marie for alex & chloe x forever 21. new lace & chiffon cape blouse came today, too. is this enough nail polish for christmas through new years'? ;) also ordered The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Count of Monte Cristo for some "light" reading...hermione, anyone? realized it was a scant few weeks till a new year. i guess it never sunk in.