ebay cape blouse, jeffrey campbell litas, forever 21 jewellery, pacsun jeans
if i look overwhelmingly happy, it's because i am! the sun is gone, it's overcast, sprinkly, and bitingly cold...and here i am without a coat in a sheer chiffon top! i have the d.i.y. all done, and i'll upload it tomorrow when i get back from l.a. right now, i'm going to finish watching a kung-fu show and i'm picking up some supplies to bake fresh cookies with. please vote for my look for shoeternity's look of the week! it'd mean so much to me. click here.

spent a whole twelve hours with one of my best friends yesterday. priyanka mehta's uber talented in photography, and she taught me a few lovely skills. check out her tumblr and her flickr photostream!