fall 2012 menswear

to make up for the sorry lack of posts, here's an uber lengthy review of my favorites from fall 2012 menswear shown so far.
 marc jocobs. so stellar, i can't even believe it! i love the minimalist-meets-sporty-meets-business look, and these sunnies are the essence of j'amazing. cardigans are always in, and is that a shoelace-impromptu belt i see? wow...it's like those flip flop boots i was ravin' bout.
 alexander wang. black is...my favorite color. profound. poetic. mind-blowing in textured layers. need i say more?
 mugler. nicola formichetti's taste is somewhat absurd in a way, but this collection was spot-on. that first look? whaat. so show-stopping. and capes, capes, capes galore--including patent halfsies and what reminds me of a 90s track suit from the fresh prince of bel-air.
 giorgio armani. layering is key, especially when it comes to a one-color slate. the pop of electric blue in two looks were stunning yet refined.
 dsquared2. i have a denim jacket. and i have a cargo parka. i can be trendy! finally. i'm going to bedazzle/ fur-line/ trick out my existing drab nonexistents. join me in my revolution of diy.
ports 1961/ ami. a giant cocoon completely enveloping the wearer in a vampiric, noir shroud. instant love for satin! and ami's peach-pink trousers? let's just say i want a pair.
all photos taken from style.com.
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