fall 2012 menswear part deux

Alexander McQueen. hints of victorian-era waistcoats, colored leather gloves, combination varsity jackets, tie-dye suits.
Acne. peaks of frayed denim, comforter-like sateen coats, tons of all-black. and those black loafers? perfect.
Burberry Prorsum. stiff, oversized coats, dainty animal sweaters, spiked gloves, and purely British sherlock caps all make for a reminiscent aura.
Carven. i fancy the country-nineties trend of fixing your cardigan on your hips, if you can't already tell. some quirky hybrids at its best, Guillaume Henry.
Dolce & Gabbana. every season, every show, it's Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's menswear that illuminates most brightly to me. i regard their collections as the best of the best, and this season, i've seen no less. the brilliant Verdi and Pavarotti opera tunes and the piled and forgotten regal furniture both make for unforgettable setting. what i will not forget are the little details: the gold stitching reflective of another time in Italian history, the contrasting velvet lapels, the embellished creeper variations, and the ditsy bow bow-ties. all in all, i couldn't help but think it was Viktor Krum-meets-traveling CEO-meets-geeky scholar.
all images taken from style.com.