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Frida Giannini, how i adore you. your "romantic" feel is so dark and modern. i envision several of the mid-show looks on real working women, to carry them effortlessly from day to night. the giant mirror wall you set up--which, i can infer, you had your people set up--impressed me with an endless noir model effect. i see that capelets and boleros are back for this fall and winter season; at least, that's what i got from watching about ten or twelve runway shows. and this season is so rich, rich in exuberant maximalistic jewels, furs, and embroidery. Gucci's riding pants and eighties business slacks might actually be flattering. one last thing: as you, my dear reader, can see from look three, Giannini once again slipped in some drop-waist hems like she did in her spring/summer collection presented last fashion month. i do enjoy a nice boxy flapper silhouette.

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