images taken by me
some shots of Sacramento during these past few days. had to get creeper-status and snap little children on the lawn of the capitol. personally, i feel the kid in green made the wrong Color of the Day selection, no? i don't know if i want to divulge my feelings on my experience at the APYLP 2012 Conference, as it might spoil the raw, pristine power it held and still holds. i'm grateful and humbled to have had this opportunity. this blog's my form of expression, much like a neon Jil Sander diary (which i wish i had), but i think i shall keep it to myself and off the vast Internet. 
meanwhile, here's to creepers everywhere--the bad-ass Emily and her positively funky airport wardrobe, street style that's better than Anna Dello Russo, queen of sliced low-carb bread herself.
off topic: my friend's brother's brilliantly talented. listen to some of his tuneage here. it's worth it.

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