david the blessed is my 200th post

taken by me
Recently, I was presented with a request to name a post in honor of David the Blessed, after Monica Precious was featured; here you have it, and you know who you are, do you not?
I received my shoes from Asos in the mail cubicle yesterday. This pair might be my most comfortable and most light pair of shoes, in all the ___ pieces of footwear on my shelf. I don't count them, but if you wanted to know dearly, you can come and sort it out yourself. In all honesty, I tried several times to deviate from my one-color stubborn path, but I cannot seem to take the road less traveled, as Wordsworth bravely did; instead, I very well might wander aimlessly down the poetic, profound trail of black leather shoes. After all, no girl or guy can have enough black leather shoes. Something as quintessential as this will forever be immortalized, much like Gabrielle Chanel. Other news: I've finally bought a fresh eos balm. You should see my Summer Fruit one! Captured in conjunction with a quick creepy sketch I did last week and the collar necklace and headband I cannot seem to part with. The crystal piece I bought at a flea market last year.
Happy 200th Planetarium post!

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