in a kingdom by the sea

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I think I am on the brink of insanity from so many obstructions obstructing my eyes to witness the quaint beauty that is Moonrise Kingdom. My friend and I talk about watching this film, but the hurdles are always placed in front of us again. It's no different than when, in the theater, enjoying a refreshing movie, you (an innocent) is preyed upon (by a hawk, no less) and your seat is kicked repeatedly, or your luck is great enough to have sat on the only broken spring in the room or a character with a lush, voluminous hair-do decides to plop right down in the seat in front. Talk about inner misfortunes. Well, Kayla Hayward seems to be the most stunning gal on the screens at this instant, and I'd claw my way through Hunger Games fans any day to experience a New England island getaway. As soon as I watch this, I'll tell you all about it.

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