images fr. Chanel
No, not Lyndon B. Johnson; summertime's livin's easy--free of history. Instead, The Little Black Jacket, a project of Karl Lagerfeld's that I've been wishing most tenderly to view in person. If you've been a reader of this blog, you'd probably have learned of my love for Karl, or at least gotten the hint. This time, his partnership with Carine Roitfeld, of whom I first heard the elegance of in an interview in Interview Magazine, has no doubt blossomed into a full-fledged, well, eagle. The easiness and the universal appeal of this lbj is proven as dozens of celebrities, artists (my favorite is Yoko Ono!), and geniuses in their own rights each give off an essence of their entire self, each completely original. 
It's just my luck that their Taipei, Taiwan exhibit ends on the very date I set my foot down on the island of my heritage. Keep calm and do not fret, child, I shall do my very best to bring along a tablet or laptop so that my dull and grandma-ish blog posts may continue.
View the film and experience the interactive gallery here.

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