All Hail Kale. Kale crowns the very top of the list of superfood veggies with its high phytochemical, vitamin K, and lutein content; raw sunflower seeds are one of the most healthy nuts; and oat and whole grain tortillas are only 80 calories and low in carbs. Make a dinner wrap with homemade plain hummus (chickpeas, cumin, sea salt, and lemon mashed together) and serve the remainder as side salad--dressing free though. Kale's pretty puffy, so I opt to squeeze lemon juice on it to shrink the leaves. Lemon juice makes you feel fuller, longer, too. And for your breakfast smoothie? Whip it up in bulk with frozen blackberries, frozen blueberries, pitted dates, and low fat plain kefir for a delicious, nutrient-dense start. For some reason I wished to share some food love. Happy Labor Day, my fellow Americans! Eat healthy!

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