In strictly standard observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, I'd like to tell my readers that I'm really most thankful for you. Those messages on IFB bring me sincere joy. If you haven't already, make a stop at LACMA's dual feature exhibits, Kubrick and Caravaggio, top-priority on your wintry wish-list, but pray do not skip early-morning Black Friday craze for it, no.
I'd also like to present you with this:
Dear Mr. Stanley Kubrick, 
I am still on a lengthy journey, the journey of your films. You are one of the handful of directors who has made concrete in me the powerful passion for film. Through your bold risks and novel interpretations, I have decided on a most probable major to read. Your H.H. and Lo, your Humble Narrator, your General Jack D. Ripper, entice me into a minutely-constructed world of immense proportions. 
My letter may not sparkle in comparison to Mr. Nabokov's, but I wished to thank you for acting on behalf of your imagination.
Best wishes, 
The Planetarium

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