places to take your boyfriend

My boyfriend loves Spanish culture and history-so I took him to La Ronda, Spain.
Ronda sits on a large outcropping of rock, almost eight hundred meters above sea level. Far below, our white Fiat is making its way up the mountain road. We climbed higher and higher. I looked at my boyfriend and his concentration was fixed as he drove upwards. But soon the road leveled out, and La Rhonda came into view. We entered Ronda and looked for parking. We found it. In a bar we had a breather and decided where to eat. We found a great place called “El Balcon al Tajo de Ronda” that gave a great view of the old houses built precariously on the edge of the cliffs. There was a small bandstand where a couple of guitarists were playing mellow flamenco. The sun warmed our faces and it felt good to be in Spain. The restaurant had a good looking menu, so we decided to sample some of it. We chose well. The service was impeccable and friendly. We built up a good rapport with our waiter who directed us to what he thought was the best on offer. I had prawns and my boyfriend had the duck. It was a tasty meal and I had used my Spanish throughout, made mistakes, of course, but the waiter helped me out and laughed at some of my faux pas. The bill came and a large tip was added on to the credit card for the waiter’s excellent service. 

We finished our lunch and decided to visit the “Plaza de Toros.” It is one of the oldest bullrings in Spain. We had a look at where the bulls are kept before the fights, and an area where the horses are limbered up. We strolled to the middle of the ring, gazing up at the stands: a Matador’s view. There is a museum under the seating, and there are glass cabinets that house sparkling suits in pinks and greens, reds and blacks. There are also many photos, paintings and memorabilia available to buy. I bought my boyfriend a glass paper weight with a Matador in it-perfect for his office. After the bullring we had a drink and watched Ronda go about its business.

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