Wow, has it been two months since my last blog post? I've even started to lose my footing with Blogger. So many changes on these platforms. So many changes in my life as well. As you know if you've stayed with me even through my trip through the offline abyss, I've deleted several accounts on different platforms. Long story short, I didn't belong. I'm keeping this outlet, though, for as long as I can. Too much work has gone into The Planetarium for me to give it up. Starting with my new beginning, in September this year, I am going to have an entirely different direction and purpose for my blog. In accordance with the start of my adult life that I am so very lucky to receive, I'll concentrate on subject matter a little more serious and more relevant to my future directions. I still have such strong love for fashion, but it won't be the blog's focus anymore. That's the whole reason behind the strange name, The Planetarium--for me to have an outlet in which to share and explore anything and everything that falls in the vicinity of the Universe, just like I would feel infinite under the dome of the planetarium. 

So many emotions are just blazing their way through me. As I float down ever so quickly from cloud nine after college acceptances, I think of finances and where I should study to better fortify a foundation for my goal of working in the film and entertainment industry. For those wondering, I was accepted to NYU, the City College of New York, UC's Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Riverside, and Northern Arizona (and rejected from Columbia, but oh, well!). It's such a surreal experience, this entire college preparation process. I'm so thankful for a positive time. Here are tidbits of letters from my top schools. Best of luck to those of you who are undergoing the same experience! xo