It's crafting time.

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Aw yea, 'tis craftin' time!! Told you I'd post pics of my now tasteful hiding place, thanks a bundle to my darling English teacher, Mrs. Herrington. : ) This superb usage of grammar had to come from someplace. Now Icarus falls to his doom above my head every night. . .

I bought this outfit at a local charity shop yesterday, Common Cents, and it resembles this Asos look.

Scored this glass mug with Arwen's loveliness at the Salvation Army a couple weeks back; it calms my need for Lord of the Rings.

Vintage National Geographic mags? Check!

I <3 Crafts!
 Made this impeccable fanny pack outta a Chinese herbal magazine, fabris strips, paper clips, & duct tape. And I'm likely to even wear it to school, as I will with the pom pom necklace I made. Ain't it a beauty?