Alas, peace!

Wearing vintage blouse, DIY vintage Ralph Lauren shorts, Mushrooms pumps, Calvin Klein belt & Thailand bag.

Gawd, how I love vintage Asian shirts! They always have the cutest little detail. Take this blouse I wore today, for instance-- the pink-purple buttons are in complete harmony with the colors and prints of the fabric. You can never go wrong with high-waisted camel-colored shorts, like these DIY ones. Pretty sad I had to cut the bottom portion off of a pair of Ralph Lauren pants, but they didn't seen to satisfy my apetite. I went over to the nearest Buddhist temple and spoke to the Master for what seemed like ages. Goodness, he's so very wise and kind! I was completely at peace, just like the dogs lying in the shady gardens there.

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter! In precisely 100 hours, I shall be leaping in awe at the franchise that I think will never die. No matters that this is the last time I can dress up as Cho Chang with props galore, I believe that some magic will be used and the wonders'll go on! Who's going to the midnight showing, like true Potter supporters?

P.S.: Expect some pretty crazy Potter stuff comin' up.