It pains me to not get these.

I mean, come on! How could I not purchase this embellished collar, from Topshop!? This world is quite unfair. Like, do I look like the type of girl that has $64 to relinquish for something she wants? Well, maybe I do, but I hate spending more than like 4 dollars on anything. . . [sigh]

And THESE shoes! Oh, Jeffrey Campbell, sweep me off my presently ugly shoes and replace them with sky-scraping danger heels! Too. Much. Moolah. ;__; So sad.

So continuing on with these monetary matters, I order you to buy somethin' from my shop so that I'll have enough monies to spare on a pair of JC's. Order now during our Summer Sale, and get 20% off! ;D Use code summer!

Next post? I've decided to review some novels, classic cinematic films, art, and/or anything to make me seem adequately intelligent enough to be using such a plethora of bizzare diction. Who knows? Maybe I'll even review the most tragic novella ever conceived, The Little Prince.