Rebel Without a Cause

Today I got to go down to the mesmerizing place where my blog got its inspiration for its name, the Griffith Observatory & Planetarium! It’s a place where you can get lost in its shows and telescopes, where one can be at peace and be one with the unknown space.
I made sure I stood in all the places that Natalie Wood and James Dean stood in one of my all-time favorite movies, Rebel Without a Cause. C: Wearing the wrong shoes for hiking though!
 Blinding sun! Bad for Asian eyes! + Awkward poses + No beauty or grace = disproportionate photos.

Wearing vintage Laura Ashley dress, Michael Michael Kors sweater (so soft!), Salvation Army Christmas slippers, & vintage snakesin bag.

And like any other dorky tourist, naturally, I snapped a couple pics!
 Michael Jackson?
 Grapes growing on bamboo?
 As Mother's a freak, as I am, she was entirely captivated by this "duck." Can you guess what it is? -__-
 Distant Hollywood sign
Tesla coil!