we're gonna lose

wearing H&M dress that i got for homecoming last year, which i'm not going to this year because i refuse to be scammed out of money that i'm investing towards a bicycle & earcuff, DIY bag, Kohl's necklace, American Eagle shorts, & Dr. Scholl's clogs.
so do i have a story to tell you.

as i was out today for my daily mile run at promptly 7:06 pm, i was taken aback as i abruptly found myself choking upon my chewing gum. as i swirled in and out of delirium, observing my life flashes, i tripped and fell and was at a loss for air. not only did i slightly scuff my hip reebok easy tone neon green running shoez, i also had swallowed my gum, accidentally, somewheres in that tussle with death.

so here's the moral of the story:
i shan't ever chew gum while excercising. you shouldn't either, for a whale of a tale like that could, too, happen to you, but i wouldn't wish that upon you, dear reader. but i lost today. i lost.