aqua tights

Forever 21 top and shorts, secondhand heels
i felt like Blair Waldorf, first season, as i rolled my colored tights on this morning. of course, Queen B. would  pair these tights with something more colorful, probably bright green pumps and a yellow wool mod coat. not anymore though; Lonely Boy made her tacky and . . . what was she wearing in this week's episode? that revolting floor-length puff-ball of hot pink that D. claimed was a "princess" gown? NO. 
dear writers and stylists of Gossip Girl, 
               can you please make this show as great as it was in its first two years of vivacious life? much appreciated if you do, but if you don't, you'll lose two of your most dedicated viewers. chuck you. ;)
you know you love me. xoxo,
the planetarium

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