clash of the prints

Forever 21 jeans and collar, vintage blouse, secondhand belt, Deena & Ozzy shoes
it's a clash of the prints. i meant to take a close-up of the prints, but i'll simply tell you that i mixed polka dots with a sort of tapestry that precisely evokes "The Yellow Wallpaper" we're studying now. i'm quite unwilling to mix prints, but Minnie's post on clashing sort of inspired me as a call of action. of course, i wouldn't stray too far away from the two-tonal color palette, definitely not those on opposing sides of the color wheel, but hues of purple and black really do well to be harmonious. i enjoy stubbornly sticking with collared button-downs and such in drab, monotonous colors like camel, beige, tan, white, navy, and black, but spring really doesn't allow one to wear workplace tones, does it? oh, and i've never watched the recent Clash of the Titans, only the 1981 original. only because i have a little penchant for Claire Bloom and Lawrence Olivier.
my friend did my nails oh, so fetch. 

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