please don't eat the daisies

Asos sandals, vintage sweater and dress, gifted necklace, 80's Purple sunglasses
Sunsets are the desert's specialty. Take that away, and all you have left is dull, dusty desolation. We keep the weeds in our yard because they're nature's beauty in their own razzle-dazzle way, just like wildflowers that emerge from germinated seeds years ago. I decided to darken my hair several shades; my crayon red-brown ex-color was just not very apt at attaining my brush's love, as the cosmetologist whose name shall not appear here served my deadened locks red in absent-minded substitution for a blend of caramel and mahogany. And as for right now? I'm craving Doris Day in Please Don't Eat the Daisies but I get lit. homework instead. Nevertheless, the joys of musicals remain.

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