these kids

Down on the Corner, Danny Kwock, Balboa Beach (No. 68)
Team Line-Up (No. 60)
Sidewalk Surfer Pit Stop, Huntington Beach (No. 70)
Skate Contest Spectators, Torrance (No. 62)
Skatepark Air, Jay Adams, Reseda (No. 72)
Collision on the Ramp, Redondo Beach Pier (No. 69)
Reach Out
images fr. M+B Art
Whilst reading Color Me Nana, I saw the beauty of Hugh Holland's photography. He utilized fish-eye lenses to its zenith, culminating in a deliciously fresh take on adventurous kool kids from the seventies. Each and every individual's spirit is captured crisply in still-life, something I applaud as Great.
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