Forever 21 printed jeans, button down, handmade clutch, gifted necklace, secondhand heels
Always resorting to my trusty handmade clutch. It's oversize vinyl modeled after A.A.'s cult sack that I unfortunately cannot afford, but $7 worth of material? Indeed worth mass-producing, if not worth the eye strain. Yes, I recently acquired a fresh bottle of marigold Lutein and a corresponding one of Bilberry for eye and vision care, yum . . . not. I was running out for a moment there. Strangely windy today. I've got brainstorming in my mind to clutter and fill and drown out all remnants of that spring of A.P. testing. Brainstorming of all sorts of fancies, like Violet Ell-like shoots of, hopefully, one of my friends, and visiting Hobby Lobby for the first time, and of various unicorn shapes I'd love to contort my kneaded eraser into.

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