a tee a day makes...

Levi's jeans, secondhand tee, Cassandra Ray shoes, girls' scout belt, friends' ring and necklace
It's been a week since my last post; I'm so deprived of my blog! It feels good to actually type into this compose block again. My beautiful friend lent me her bird--I mean, her necklace, today. Isn't it so trendy? Isn't she of such elevated taste? Didn't I just use such effective anaphora? (Blogger would mark anaphora as a word that does not exist.) Another great, smize-ing friend gave me this ring, and I absolutely love it! I stopped by the thrift store today and picked up a few silk slip dresses in cream for summer, a white sequin tank from the sixties, and a loose silk crepe blouse in nude. I'm really feeling the lighter colors as the temperatures rise, despite my long-term relationship with Poetic Black. Oh, and Penn Badgley in The Stepfather is ten billion times better than Penn as Dan Humphrey right now. Why don't you just die?

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