four staples, four looks

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, although I don't want to come off as too apologetic. If you wanted to know what I've been spending the first few days of my summer vacay on, keep your eyes peeled, like in Un Chien Andalou, for the next post! But mostly, I've been listing pretty much half my wardrobe on an online shop called Copious. Online revenue's how I generate income to pay for AP tests, other absurdly priced tests, and book materials. 
Anyway, I went back and forth yesterday to shoot some pieces that'll be listed soon, if not today. Here I have four staple pieces: a high-waisted short, a pair of sheer black tights, a bib necklace, and an espadrille platform heel. In addition, I have about four other pieces, tops, that can change my look from night to day for a total of four looks, although I'm sure there can be a whole lot more. A tiny change of clothing can change your aura to adjust the scenery. I hope you'll be inspired from this and you'll send me some shots of your own! 
Shop these looks and more right here, folks! 

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