DIY asymmetrical dress, Urban Outfitters shoes, Forever 21 rose clip
I bought this vintage dress about a year ago for my mom. She never got around to wearing it, so when I saw that my suitcases were missing dresses, I cut this apart and made it more modern in less than fifteen minutes. It used to be this ridiculous paper bag (more so than it is now) that conquered all the way to the floor. Ridic, right?
- any dress or skirt
- scissors
- tailor's chalk
- corresponding thread
- needle 
- or -
- sewing machine
- iron
Cooking time: 
- fifteen minutes, more or less!
And here's how:
- Super simple, I'm tellin' ya. First press flat your garment, then chalk it up where you want the front hem to go. Draw a line 1/2 inch below that first line. This will be where you cut. 
- Do the same on the back, only draw the first line about four or five inches longer. Then draw a line 1/2 inch below. 
- Cut the entire length, along the bottom lines, and when you get to the side seams, allow 1/2 inch of fabric to remain attached. This should be some of the front side's fabric.
- Press throughout (or be lazy and skip the iron) by folding each side 1/4 inch up. Then fold that another 1/4 inch up. This will be your simple hem.
- Using your sewing machine, straight stitch the front hem as close as you can to the top of that hem. 
- Snip the sides horizontally 1/2 inch. Then hem down the sides as well.
- Now do the same to hem the back side. 
et voilĂ !
All the flavor, and none of the carbs.

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