h&m button down//jeffrey campbell shoes//vintage cape//aboriginal bracelet


My heart, as usual, longs for the autumn season, so near my grasp, yet so intangible still. Dreams that memory doesn't preserve of button downs, stockings, rebel white, boots, car coats, camel, capes galore swirl in my conscious mind. Metallics enthrall me; yet Allen's Alice's (Alice, 1990) conservative camels, navies, and burgundies maintain a strong grip on my cuff-link. Lately I've been really into jeans as well. The search for the perfect pair of bell bottoms and boyfriend jeans continues.
On a more serious note, this blog is the longest project I've ever stayed on board for. No kidding, I rarely stick to any one thing for much time. Upon reflection, and with friends' encouragement, I thoroughly enjoy writing on my own little solo forum, and your emails and comments resonate deep in my heart. I will not delete The Planetarium. 

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