images fr. Shopbop
Shopbop has always been a favorite of mine for season lookbooks and a major index of inspiration, but I must say, their most recent Fall 2012 Beatnik Chic has gotten my mind revolving in such dynamic manners. The last times I have been as inspired as I am now were watching Fellini's Nights of Cabiria and Claude LeLouch's Un Homme et Une Femme, or maybe it was the time I saw McQueen's Plato's Atlantis many, many seasons back. The point is, I value the fact that this photographic montage heralds muted, androgynous  Diane Keaton-Frida Guvstavsson style and that the viewer actually can pull a tangible story from the weaves of its smooth fabric. 
I'm going to visit thrift shops and vintage stores and scout for as much as I can find that pertains to this contemporary city menswear  aesthetic. I know I've said that I'd make it a point to mold my dressings to this stencil as best as I can for a long time, but now I've gained initiative to get up and do it. There is no try; only do.

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